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Maid2Clean Cleaning Management Franchise

There are many benefits to joining Maid2Clean - however we now have

only 57 areas remaining in the UK - could you be one of the final 57?

The Maid2Clean business has been established for many years and has been thoroughly tested and refined into our franchise offer of today.

Maid2Clean is definitely NOT a ‘Cleaners’ business, it is a ‘Management Franchise’ which means you do not do any of the cleaning or ironing yourself; you will be trained to manage the cleaners in your business.

You will find that you will generate significantly higher percentage profits to turnover with Maid2Clean than with most other cleaning industry companies we can identify.

Operating to our system, once trained, you will have the potential to earn a significant profit per year, over the life of your Maid2Clean franchise business.

An Introduction to Maid2Clean

Am I the type of person who should join Maid2Clean?


Our franchisees come from all walks of life but they are all self-starters who are motivated enough to grow their business and ensure their future financial security, whether they be individuals or couples. You must want to work smarter not harder to build your business.

You will possess a passion to succeed, be able to demonstrate your tenacity, have a ‘fire in your belly’, and the desire to run your own business successfully.

No previous industry experience is necessary. Our selection criteria is not based on academic qualification but on an applicant's attitude, their mind-set and their determination to succeed. Mutuality is absolutely critical in a Maid2Clean Franchise - we, like our franchisees, are in this for the long term; AND you don’t even need to live in the same area as your franchise!


M.D. Mike Hanrahan explains: “We have franchisees based in Malta who run territories in North Manchester and Cornwall. Another franchisee runs Blackburn from Florida. Even my Operations Director, who runs the Edinburgh franchise, lives in Nuneaton!

CLICK HERE to view the list of our remaining franchise territories and download                          the PDF 

CLICK HERE to register your interest and receive a copy of our franchise


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